Vanuatu Events

The are always things happening around Port Vila and on the surrounding islands for you to experience.  Some of Vanuatu's famous events are listed below. For a more comprehensive list of events around Vanuatu, visit the Vanuatu Tourism Office website at

Port Vila Kiwanis Horse Races

It's the race that stops a nation... Even if that nation is only the small South Pacific nation of Vanuatu. The annual Port Vila Race day is the biggest day of the social calendar in Vanuatu. The races, followed by a race ball are a fun lively affair, complete with betting, best dressed awards and many glasses of champagne.  If you find yourself in Port Vila in August, trot along to the races to experience all the fun the tropics have to offer.

Digicel Vanuatu Golf Open

The Vanuatu Golf Open is held in August each year.   The premier international  golfing event takes place at the Port Vila  Golf & Country Club, sponsored by Digicel The Open is a Pro-Am which attracts professionals and amateurs from many South Pacific Countries.  Amateurs team up with professionals for a week of great golf and and a great time.  If you are interested in taking part in the Open, visit the website:

Vanuatu Marlin Classic

Ride the Famous Marlin Highway!  Vanuatu is one of the worlds premier destinations for deep sea fishing, and the Havannah Resort is located right where the Marlin Highway passes, cutting boat travel time down by 2 hours a day compared to those who stay in Port Vila.  The Vanuatu Marlin Classic is held in May each year, and is based out of the Wahoo Bar, just 3 kms away from the resort. The tag and release tournament  attracts anglers from all over the South Pacific, and participants regularly haul in giant blue marlin, as well as smaller black and striped marlin. 

Nagol Land Diving

Land diving (known in Bislama as Nagol) is a ritual performed by the men of the southern part of Pentecost Island, in the north of Vanuatu.   The precursor to bungee jumping, men jump off wooden towers around 20 to 30 meters (66 to 98 ft) high, with two tree vines wrapped around the ankles. Land diving is done without any safety equipment, except for the vines.

This amazing cultural Festival takes place on Saturdays each year from April to the end of June, during which the young brave men of Pentecost Island, in hopes of a bountiful yam harvest, make spectacular leaps while the villagers below sing and dance below.  A tour to the land diving should not be missed: you'll fly over the magnificent, active volcanoes of Lopevi and Ambrym Island and see the lava lakes before touching down at Lonorore airport on South West Pentecost. After witnessing your 'National Geographic' moment of the land diving, you then fly to gorgeous Epi Island for lunch and the chance to swim with a family of Dugongs, returning to Port Vila with awesome photos and unforgettable memories.  Contact our reservations for more details.


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