If your idea of paradise is an idyllic tropical setting, combining enchantment, romance, elegance, and unspoiled beauty, then The Havannah Vanuatu awaits.  You’ll find this intimate, absolute beachfront resort in an unrivaled location at Samoa Point, a mere 30 minute drive from Port Vila, the nation’s capital, and set amidst Flame Trees and tropical gardens.

The Havannah Vanuatu offers a space where relaxation begins and is a welcoming oasis inspired by the nature and culture that surrounds it.
Catering exclusively for adults, couples can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of their surroundings; choose to slow down and enjoy the tranquillity of nature or be active in experiencing the many wonderful, unique, cultural and environmental aspects of the area.

We invite you to experience The Havannah Vanuatu’s genuine warmth of service, attention to detail and truly magical setting.

The Havannah Vanuatu is a proud member of National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World.


Havannah harbour hosts a  myriad of marine life- dolphins, turtles, migratory whales and manatees- can frequently be seen in the water directly off the resort.

The Havannah is a supporter of VESS, a local organization raising awareness of environmental matters in Vanuatu. A program VESS is currently driving is directed at the preservation of Dugong and the habitat in which they exist. At The Havannah guests can often witness Dugong feeding on the sea grass areas directly off the resort. The Havannah is committed to assisting with these efforts and has adopted the VESS best practice guidelines for engaging with these wonderful marine mammals. We encourage all of our guests to visit the VESS web site and view the Guidelines for Interacting with Dugong.


We  also  encourage our guests to visit the turtle sanctuary at Tranquillity base on Moso Island. This sanctuary is committed to supporting the breeding of hawksbill sea turtles, a critically endangered turtle that biologists estimate have declined by 80% in the past 120 years. There is a good chance that an early morning view over the calm waters of Havannah harbour will provide evidence of the fact that this initiative is proving fruitful and hawksbill numbers are rising locally.