A tropical destination like no other, the islands of Vanuatu offer a diverse cultural landscape influencing a melting pot of dining tastes and flavours and a natural variety of amazing elements both above and below the earth.

The archipelago consists of 83 islands and the island of Efate is where you’ll find the nation’s capital, Port Vila.  Efate has a rugged coastline and rolling fertile verdant countryside, fast flowing rivers, cascading waterfalls, isolated sandy bays and lagoons. The interior is verdant rain forest cut only by a few walking tracks to remote weather and radio beacons.

The Havannah, Vanuatu is just a 30-minute drive away from Port Vila on the North West coast. The resort is located in a spectacular natural haven, neatly tucked away under the hills that divide the island, providing a natural rain shadow around resort. The Havannah enjoys only around 1/3 of the rain of the rest of the island… which means you can often have a wonderful dry stay when the rest of the island is under tropical monsoon.

Havannah Harbour was used during World War II as a naval base by the entire U.S. 7th Fleet. As a result, the harbour is full of interesting dive and snorkel sites. You can readily find WWII Coca Cola bottles lining the sea floor, downed sea planes, old artillery shells and other interesting artefacts.

Further afield, for a truly unique cultural experience, you can fly to the islands of Tanna or Ambrym to stand on the crater rim of a live volcano, and experience traditional ‘kustom’ culture like you never knew still existed. From April to June you can also visit the island of Pentecost and see the Nagol ceremony: an ancient kustom rite of passage known to westerners as ‘land diving’, from which modern day bungee jumping is derived. There are a myriad of excursions, many of which can be done as day trips, to experience the diverse culture, people, and natural beauty of Vanuatu.

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