The Havannah Vanuatu

The Havannah Vanuatu

We know some of you have visited Vanuatu many times and visited for many different reasons. It could be you need to rest and reconnect; celebrate an anniversary or honeymoon; want to explore new cultures or indeed enjoy the many activities on land or in the water that are available to enjoy in this beautiful archipelago. What we’d like to do is highlight a few options available to our guests via our new blog. The first of our posts entitled “Reasons to Answer the Call of Vanuatu” will highlight some water activities. So… read on….. dive in!

Snorkelling at The Havannah Vanuatu

If you’d like to snorkel in Vanuatu you can expect excellent visibility, warm, calm water and sensational reefs surrounding each of the islands. The waters are very pristine with no harmful pollution running off into the reefs: a true sanctuary for a range of marine species. When you snorkel from The Havannah Vanuatu you can see vibrant corals, fish and turtles and   ……

Couple snorkel activities at The Havannah Vanuatu

………   and often our resident dugongs! Video courtesy of @marcoduf


While most folks love to snorkel, scuba diving takes you to another level of underwater pleasures.

In Vanuatu, sensational dive locations can be found off Santo, Efate and Tanna, with dives suitable for every level from beginner through to expert. Home to colourful, stunning, healthy reefs, fascinating wrecks and a wealth of ecologically diverse marine life, Vanuatu’s teeming waters are the perfect destination for scuba diving.

Did you know we can arrange your dives for you when you stay at The Havannah Vanuatu? We use Tranquility Dive which is located on Moso Island, just opposite the resort on the other side of Havannah Harbour. The boat collects you and brings you back to our jetty at the resort. You can even take a dive course or, if unsure, opt for a Discover Scuba Dive, which allows you to “test the waters” in this activity.

Havannah Harbour

Of course, if breathing underwater is not for you, we can also arrange a snorkel trip for you. The house reef at Tranquility base is spread 3km plus along the shore: snorkelling can be easily done in just few steps off the beach.

Great snorkeling at The Havannah Vanuatu

The waters in the Havannah Harbour hide some deep and spectacular underwater canyons. Diving is spectacular with crystal clear waters and the shallow reefs providing a haven for marine life. Our dive operation partner has privileged access to the best reef diving spots off Efate with over 18 different sites to choose from (weather permitting).

Diving with Tranquility Dive, Vanuatu

Dive Sites close to The Havannah Vanuatu

These dive sites, which are mainly boat dives include:

Paul’s Rock.

(Boat Dive) Paul’s Rock is a rough oval shape reef that has a number of swim-through and a drop-off wall on one end. Many tame fish exist on this reef, as it is a “Taboo Reef” for custom, indigenous owners. Fish feeding is part of the dive and usually you can see Coral Trout, Trevally and lots of Surgeonfish throughout the dive. Coral cover is good and generally there is a turtle or two around the reef. Max Depth: 35 metres.

Owen’s Reef.

A figure eight reef from 1 metre down to 20 metres. It has been said that there is a greater diversity of species of coral and fish on this small reef than many other dive sites. This is a good dive for everyone and includes a swim through coral and gorgonian overhangs and lots of fish. Many divers do repeat dives on this reef. Max Depth: 20 metres.

Wreck MV Belama, Havannah Harbour, Vanuatu

Wreck of M.V BELAMA.

An island freighter of around 200 tons, which was badly damaged in a cyclone, and scuttled close to Owens Reef. This is a dive-able wreck where you can swim through the cabins and around the passageways and then across the bow section a few metres away from the bulk of the ship. It’s a great introduction to wreck diving without having to go too deep. Max Depth: 20 metres.

Bottle Fish Cave.

An interesting and very popular dive site with large fish and scattered remnants of Coca-Cola bottles, plates and mugs from the tugboats which used to maintain the anti-submarine nets during the war. Large grouper and wrasse are often seen here. There is an interesting swim-through and close by there are several thermal vents with hot water.

Moso Drift

(Boat Dive). A drift dive, sometimes quite strong where you can see lot’s and lot’s of fish such as large pelagic and a more than likely possibility of Sharks, Barracuda, Grey Whalers, Eagle Rays and other interesting marine life. Max Depth: 20 metres.

Hat Island.

(Boat Dive). On Hat Island, there are several dive sites such as The Taj Mahal cave and wall dive (18 metres); The Gorgonian Fan Circuit (5 – 30 metres); Acrapora Reef and drop-off with some of the best coral in Vanuatu (5 – 20 metres); and Hat Island Safari – a trek through gutters and bommies.

Hallo from Tranquility Dive, Vanuatu

Vanuatu’s Other Amazing Dive Sites

If you are travelling to other parts of Vanuatu during your holiday and wish to dive, click on the link below for a list of some more of the most amazing dive sites in Vanuatu.

Catering to a maximum of 34 guests, The Havannah Vanuatu is an oasis of relaxation, cultural experiences and soft adventure inspired by the nature and way of life that surrounds it. The Havannah Vanuatu is a luxury retreat catering exclusively for adults.

Aerial image The Havannah Vanuatu

The Havannah Vanuatu is committed to sustainable practices and to protecting natural and cultural heritage. It prides itself on providing an authentic, enriching, intimate and exceptional experience, inspiring guests to connect with their destination in a meaningful way and to play a part in safe-guarding it for the future. The Havannah Vanuatu is a member of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World.

For more information on bookings, dives or a snorkel trip during your stay at The Havannah Vanuatu, email

Hope to see you soon at The Havannah Vanuatu…. meanwhile…

SUP's at The Havannah Vanuatu

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